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Why Retro Fit? – “The Savings”

Many buildings are being renovated for new tenants or resale. Owners are looking for a modern new look without the cost of new equipment.

Typically, the equipment is fully operable with only damage and wear to the exterior panels. In many cases the original manufacturer is no longer in business; discontinued the model; or the designs have changed and new exterior panels are not available; requiring complete replacement of the equipment.

The opportunity to reuse existing HVAC equipment can provide many more years of service and in return offer a substantial savings to the owner.  It should be noted that not all equipment falls into this category and every project must be evaluated. HVAC Custom Enclosures can manufacture each enclosure to meet individual requirements, resulting in a sensitive blend of function and design.

With the high cost of new equipment we like to take the “replace only as needed” attitude.

The Savings

• No need to disconnect and
reconnect new equipment.
• Optimizing the original equipment’s life.
• Ease of installation where most maintenance departments can install the enclosures, requiring no outside contractors

What type of equipment can be retrofitted?

    • Fan Coil
    • Induction Units
    • Cast Iron Radiators
    • Fully/Recessed/Semi/Free Standing Convector
    • Cabinet Unit Heaters
    • Hydronic Fin Tube Enclosures
    • Unit Ventilators Shelving
    • Heat Pumps
    • PTAC Unit

Each enclosure application is designed to your specification.  Call one of our experienced cabinet designers to discuss your project design today.









Finished Suny New Paltz 015

Replacement Enclosures for Fan Coils

New Paltz 005

Replacement Enclosures for Fan Coils

Picture at JAP 002

Fan Coil Stand Alone Enclosure

Picture at JAP 025

Heat Pump Stand Alone Enclosure

Picture at JAP 045

Pipe Enclosure for Heat Pump

Free Standing Stainless Steel Heat Convector

Free Standing Stainless Steel Heat Convector