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HVAC Custom Enclosure  is a leader in Induction Unit Enclosures for new induction units or replacing enclosures for existing induction units.

Many older building have functioning induction units that are in need enclosure updating.  HVAC Custom Enclosure works directly with architect/engineer and contractors to create enclosures that combine aesthetic beauty and exceptional performance and meet the most demanding building conditions.


We can design or replicate most induction unit enclosures. By designing flexibility into our products we can greatly reduce the cost of installation and allow for building variations. Our custom built enclosures lend themselves to easy adaptation to the most complicated designs. Our team designs individual enclosures as well as column to column and wall to wall enclosures. Most enclosures can be built to mount on walls, floor, or window sill extensions.


Enclosures can be manufactured in a variety of different metals from standard cold-rolled steel, optional stainless steel, galvanized or aluminum in material gauges from 16 to10 gauge. We offer a wide variety of decorative finishes. Our five stage powder coating system allows for a wide range of color options and textures. Powder coating is the most durable and long lasting finish and environmentally compatible for metal enclosures. Our Induction Unit enclosures have been installed in:

  • Educational Facilities
  • Hospitals / Health Care Environments
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Commercial Office Buildings

At HVAC Custom Enclosure you can count on our expertise and experience to design and build your custom Induction Unit Enclosure to surpass your expectations.


Round Top Wall to Wall Induction Unit Enclosure


Grill Top Wall to Wall Induction Unit Enclosure


Round Top Induction Unit Enclosure



Grill Top Wall to Wall Induction Unit Enclosure


Grill Top Wall to Wall Induction Unit Enclosure



Louver Front Induction Unit Enclosure


Louver Front Induction Unit Enclosure



Slope Top Induction Unit Enclosure


Column to Column Induction Unit Enclosure